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Photo Booth

Please, my friends- do yourself the service of having our lovely photo booth at your next event.  It’s as indispensable as liquor, funny hats, or Aunt Edith’s famous potato salad.  Not to mention, we are proud to announce that Max Photography has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick.  That’s #1 photo booth in Austin, as voted by real-live brides.  After you check out our FAQ page, why not head over here and find out why we stand out among the competition.

Photo booth pictures

Actual Photo Strips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: Ah, good question.  Grab some friends, push aside the curtain (we’ve got several colors available), follow the on-screen instructions (there is a 19″ monitor inside), primp and preen while checking yourself out on the screen, and let the booth work its magic.  Vogue.  Step out, laughing hysterically, and collect your prints- there are two copies printed with each session.  One for you and one for someone special.  Rinse and repeat.  After the party, check online for all the pictures from the night; they’re all uploaded to Facebook and Flickr.  Do anything you want with them- print them big, share them on Facebook, freak out Grandma.

Q: How big is it?  Will it fit on my favorite elevator?

A: The booth is 6′ wide x 3′ deep x 6.5′ tall.  The second part is kind of a weird question, but the answer is yes!  It breaks down into several manageable pieces, and will fit on your favorite elevator.  It hates going up stairs, however.  Seriously.  If your venue has stairs, please let us know beforehand.

Q: What’s this thing made of?  Will it go with my drapes?

A: The booth is made of glossy white plastic and aluminum.  It looks a little like if Apple designed a photo booth.  We also have several colors of curtains.

Q: How do the pictures compare to a traditional photo booth?

A: Light years ahead.  We use a Canon G10 camera coupled with professional lighting to achieve gorgeous, flattering images, which are both saved for later viewing and printed using a high-end dye-sublimation printer.  That’s the same type of printer used in photo labs- quick, reliable, and most importantly, capable of printing beautiful images.  We’re confident enough to say that you won’t find better photos in any other photo booth.  Justin, owner of Max Photography, has a photography degree, and designed and built the booth to take the best possible pictures.

Q: What does a rental include?

A: With your rental, you get the photo booth delivered and set-up at least 30 minutes before your event begins.  All night long, you and your guests get as many turns as you’d like in the booth- there’s never any extra charge for using the booth.  We’ll keep a photo booth technician there during the duration of your rental to make sure everything runs smoothly.  If you’d like, we can supply a box of props (hats, glasses, etc.) to help jumpstart everyone’s creativity.  Each print is a double-strip; one copy for you and one for whomever deserves it most.  The strips also point your guests in the direction of the website where all the images will be available after the event.  We upload them to Facebook so you and your guests can download, print, or share the pictures, all for free.  After your event, we’ll pack up and head out.  You’ll receive a DVD of all your images as soon as we download them.Max Photography's photo booth at Barr Mansion

Q: How much is a rental?

A: Our rentals start at $800- remember, this includes delivery, set-up, unlimited prints, and all your images online afterward.  We do require a deposit to reserve your date.  No dates will be reserved without a deposit and a signed agreement.

Q: Can I include our custom logo or monogram on the strip?

A: Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it.  It makes each strip a perfect souvenir.  Also, it’s free free free.

Q: Is the booth haunted?

A: No, unlike our competitors’ photo booths, our booth is regularly exorcised, and contains no spirits, ghosts, poltergeists or haunts.

Q: I’ve got a specific date in mind- how do I reserve it?

A: Just contact us and we’ll send over an agreement.  Get it filled out and signed, send in your deposit, and we’ll save the date.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: Delivery is free within 50 miles of our home-base in South Austin.  From 50-100 miles we charge $4/mile.  We do not operate outside of a 100-mile radius.

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