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What Makes Us Different

We’re highly aware that there are many photo booth companies here in Austin, and that at first blush, they may all appear very similar.  But, let’s be real for a moment- all companies are not created equal.  We would like to cut through the hype and outline some of our real, quantitative advantages to help you in your decision.
First, we should get something out of the way.  All photo booth companies are using the same exact software, us included.  That means everyone is able to offer the same software-based benefits, such as images on a thumb drive in addition to prints, a screen on which to view your photos as they are taken, etc.  This is great!  But it takes more to be the best photo booth in Austin (or anywhere).  We’ve compiled a short list of benefits we provide that set us apart from the competition; please take a moment and read over them before you choose a photo booth.  You won’t regret it!
We build our own photo booths.  This is important for two reasons.  First, it means we really know our booths inside and out.  But it also means that the booth doesn’t look like it belongs in a mall; it looks like it belongs at a wedding reception.  We built it with aluminum and white plexiglass, giving it a very clean and sleek look.  It is, in our humble opinion, the best looking photo booth in Austin.
We use professional lighting.  This is huge, and other companies just don’t get it.  We invite you to look at our photos compared to any other company.  Building the booth ourselves gave us the opportunity to create a proprietary lighting system that just works, and makes for the most clean, flattering images available.  There is a myth that the camera is the most important aspect of a quality picture, and that’s just plain wrong.  We do use a good camera, but lighting is what takes a photo to the next level.  If you have a moment, there is a very interesting (and illuminating?) fashion shoot that illustrates this point.  See for yourself here.  Also, check out the photo below to see how flattering the light is, even on Justin, the owner of Max Photography.  It’s nice and even, even if he isn’t.  What he is, though, is a professional photographer, and he designed the booth to make the best possible images.

Owner Justin Elledge enjoying the photobooth with a mexican free-tailed bat

Owner Justin with a cuddly Mexican free-tailed bat

We carry back-up equipment.  We have back-ups for all of our gear, from big stuff like cameras and computers to little stuff like USB cables and power cords.  Really, who hasn’t had problems with computer gear at some point?  With so many different things that could go wrong, we just think it makes sense to bring spares.  And while we’ve yet to have a serious malfunction, it gives us (and you) peace of mind to have a Plan B.  While this does not guarantee we will never have an issue, it certainly helps mitigate the possibility.
We use the highest quality props!  We hand-select all of our props from who we consider to be the best costume-makers around, Elope.  The props really are something special, and they’re a great way to get even the shyest of folks into the booth.
We do this for the love.  This may be one of the most important reasons.  Our photo booth was built by Justin and Austin carpenter extraordinaire Jesse Mischel as a labor of love.  Justin had been taking photographs professionally for a few years and wanted to try building a photo booth to satisfy his innate curiosity towards all things photographic.  It was a huge hit at Jesse’s wedding, and things happened pretty organically from there.  We started doing dozens of weddings, and eventually had to build a second booth to satisfy demand.  Although the paperwork is a drag, Justin and his assistant Daniel both genuinely enjoy going to weddings and events.  Says Justin, “The past year alone, I’ve been to over 75 weddings- more than most people attend in a lifetime!  I still get teary-eyed during the father-daughter dances, and pretty regularly during the toasts.  It’s pretty amazing to be around so many joyful people, so often.”  Point being, we want to be there.  Especially with weddings, we know how important the day is to you, and we are very thankful for those people who have chosen to invite us to their special day.