Truly Unique Austin Wedding at Voodoo Doughnut

The wedding couple

When Cheryl and Jason first reached out to me last summer to see if I was available for a wedding at Voodoo Doughnut, I jumped at the opportunity. When I found out that they are pro-level cosplayers, then I knew I was in for something very, very special.

Doughnuts, coffee, and special wedding doughnuts at a Voodoo Doughnut wedding in Austin, Texas

The delicious spread Voodoo Doughnut provides for weddings

Voodoo Doughnut's marriage certificate

Voodoo Doughnut’s official(ish) marriage certificate

Wedding cake topper of a bride and groom embracing, made of Perler beads

Cake topper handmade by Cheryl, of course

Special wedding doughnuts made by Voodoo Doughnut for a wedding held in their store

Voodoo Doughnut’s version of a wedding cake

Cheryl and Jason, who are just as sweet as can be, share a love of cosplay, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, and doughnuts. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and it made for an incredible wedding, with Voodoo rituals, flickering lights, invocation of spirits, audience participation, and sprinkles (yes, sprinkles).

Bride in crocheted wedding dress in front of American flag artwork at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas

Cheryl, looking glamorous before the ceremony

Groom in blue suit in front of artwork at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas

Jason pondering

The wedding ceremony

Cheryl walked toward the stage in her self-crocheted, TARDIS-inspired wedding dress, to the dulcet tones of Pachelbel’s Canon The Imperial March, enrapturing both the wedding guests and the line of folks waiting for doughnuts (Voodoo Doughnut stops sales during the ceremony as a courtesy, but people are still allowed to line up if they behave).  The ceremony commenced with Jester, the officiant/honorary voodoo priestess, scattering red sprinkles around the couple.  Jason and Cheryl exchanged vows, full of in-jokes and Tolkein, and intensely cool Dr. Who-themed wedding bands.  The spirits were invoked, the lights flickered, the couple jumped over the broom, and shared a bite of wedding doughnut.

Bride walking in crocheted blue and white "TARDIS" dress at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas

Cheryl walking in to The Imperial March

Wedding officiant at Voodoo Doughnut sprinkling red sprinkles around the bride and groom as part of the voodoo-themed wedding ceremony

Jester scattering red sprinkles

Closeup of groom putting TARDIS wedding ring on bride's hand

TARDIS flowers and rings

Bride and groom engaging in the tradition of "jumping the broom" at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas

Jumping the broom

Bride and groom biting each end of a doughnut at their wedding ceremony at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas

Biting the doughnut

You couldn’t ask for a more fun and interesting wedding ceremony.

Family and friends stayed on to congratulate the couple and enjoy the best Voodoo Doughnut had to offer, while we snagged some shots of Jason and Cheryl.  Let me tell you, this couple knows how to take a picture.

Closeup of bride and groom's hands with TARDIS-inspired wedding rings

TARDIS rings

Bride and groom looking at each other


Bride and groom posing in a funny manner at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas


Bride, in hand-crocheted TARDIS dress, and groom in front of American flag artwork at Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, Texas


Bride embracing groom from behind in front of Voodoo Doughnut sign in Austin, Texas


The wedding reception

Everyone headed to Firehouse Lounge around the corner for the reception/after-party.  It’s a super-cool place, with a strong speakeasy vibe.  You actually have to go through a sliding bookcase to get in (well, they do have another door, but that’s no fun).  We captured the revels there, learned that you need to watch out for low ceiling fans during the bouquet toss*, and called it a night.

*I forgot to mention, Cheryl also handmade her TARDIS-inspired bouquet.  Crafty does not begin to describe her.

Bride and groom walking down sidewalk

Moving on

Bride and groom in blue and white sitting in booth at Firehouse Bar in Austin, Texas

These two!

Closeup of Dr. Who-themed wedding rings

These rings are seriously amazing

Bride and groom in blue and white sitting at the bar in Firehouse Lounge in Austin, Texas


Bride and friends raising glasses in a toast in front of red wallpaper


Do you have a unique wedding coming up and need a wedding photographer?  Reach out!  I’d love to help capture your special day.


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Aleina and Ben’s Wedding

We had the pleasure of heading out to beautiful TerraDorna in Manor, Texas to photograph Aleina and Ben’s sweet ceremony and reception earlier this month. We were treated to a much-needed break in the rain, and so the dancing, cornhole, and giant jenga continued long into the night. Ben and Aleina are the sweetest couple you could ask for, and we had an absolute blast capturing their special night.

Matt, Margo, and Gracie’s Engagement Session

I started setting up and testing my light around 4:00 at the “Butter Half” wall in East Austin.  It was a beautiful day, especially for the winter, with the sun just starting to turn everything golden and the breeze starting to have a bit of a nip to it.  Still, any February day in short sleeves is a good one.  The wall, on the side of the United Way building, isn’t private; it’s tens of feet from MLK Blvd, with the beginnings of rush hour traffic rumbling past.  That said, it’s a really cool piece of graffiti, and a bit more out of the way than some of the other more popular areas.

Fiances Matt and Margo pose with their dog Gracie in front of the "You're My Butter Half" graffiti wall in Austin, Texas

My wonderful assistant and second photographer, Jessica, showed up just after me, and Matt, Margo, and their dog Gracie pulled up right after her.  After a bit of hand sniffing, we were ready to jump right in.  Gracie, who isn’t quite two (unless I’m totally misremembering), was such a sweet pup, and definitely well-behaved, especially considering the high traffic.  Matt and Margo, also totally sweet, were just effortlessly easy.  They posed without seeming “pose-y”, and needed very little direction.  We spent some time getting a few different angles at the wall, both with and without Gracie.

Matt and Margo, fiances, with their dog Gracie, hold hands in front of the You're My Butter Half wall in East Austin, TX.

Another cute one, with Gracie being really well-behaved.

Fiancès Matt and Margo sit on the grass in front of the You're My Butter Half wall in East Austin, TX

Matt cooperated by whispering a secret to Margo.  I don’t know what it is, because it’s a secret.  Hopefully it wasn’t “this photographer is a weirdo, telling me to whisper secrets to you!”

There are really only so many different shots you can get in front of a brick wall, decorated or not, so we decided to head to our second location, Butler Park.  Matt and Margo took Gracie (though she definitely could have ridden with me) and Jessica and I followed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t follow closely enough and got stuck in some insane traffic downtown due to a traffic light being on the fritz.  Embarrassingly, Matt and Margo arrived at Butler Park 20 minutes before we did.  Luckily, the park is compact enough, and with enough different backdrops, that we had time to try quite a few things before it got dark.  After a wardrobe change, we started with some shots by the pond.

Gracie the dog holds a save-the-date sign around her neck by Matt and Margo, her owners.

Gracie, again, was an excellent sport.  The secret was Jessica holding a cheese stick (and most likely waving it dangerously close to my head).  Whatever it takes.

Fiancès Matt and Margo hold an ampersand sign during their engagement session in a park in Austin, TX

Matt and Margo came totally prepared, with all kinds of light-up signs from Target.  They were actually really cool; if you’d like to try it out, you can find them here.

Matt and Margo, fiancès, kiss behind a "love" sign on a dock.

I decided to play around a little bit; this is my patented “lay face-down on the ground so I have a hard time getting back up” angle.  I really like getting unusual angles in addition to some of the more straightforward shots.

Matt and Margo went for one last outfit change, and came back dressed to the nines.  Truly, they both looked great.  We moved up to the top of the spiral hill right as the sun went down for some shots.

Fiancès Matt and Margo in silhouette in front of a sunset.

Not a bad sunset.

Matt and Margo sit on a bench in front of the Austin skyline at sunset.

Told you they were dressed well.

Matt and Margo in front of a reflecting pool with Austin skyline in background.

We moved on to The Long Center for a few last shots, right as we lost the last of the daylight.  It’s such a neat place, and my kids’ favorite place in Austin.  It also affords some really cool opportunities for pictures.

Matt dips Margo in front of the Austin skyline at twilight.


The disco pad (that’s what I call it, anyway) is so cool.  It’s like starring in the “Billy Jean” music video.

Matt and Margo kiss at twilight in front of the Austin skyline.

One last kiss, with the leg up of course, and we called it a night.  Everyone had a blast, and I think the pictures turned out great.  If this looks like fun, call us or email us today!  We’ll set up a time to tell your story.
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Nichole and Andrew’s Wedding

Nichole and Andrew had a beautiful and intimate wedding at Chapel Dulcinea, in the hill country by Austin, Texas.

Tess and Jacob’s Wedding

We went to Tess and Jacob’s beautiful wedding at Memory Lane Event Center to capture their special day.  The wedding was beautiful, fun, and wildly energetic; just our style!

Leslie and Jason’s Wedding

We went out to the Nouveau Antique Art Bar in Houston, Texas, to photograph Jason and Leslie’s wedding.  A lovely ceremony turned into a raucous dance party, and everyone had a fantastic time!


Andi and Drew’s Wedding

I’m fortunate enough to have amazing second shooters to work with.  One, Andi, recently married her sweetheart Drew, and we were there to capture it!  She’s seen a LOT of weddings, and it shows in the details.  A beautiful dress, gorgeous palette, amazing flowers, pizza made in a brick oven housed in a firetruck (!!), the list goes on.  Andi and Drew are beautiful and wonderful, and we’re so pleased to share some of their pictures!

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Bre and Shane’s Wedding

We’re so lucky to have gotten to work with Bre and Shane at their recent wedding!  They’re a fantastic couple, and the wedding at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall was beautiful.  Tons of dancing rounded out a beautiful evening, with fantastic food provided by Pink Avocado.  Congratulations, Bre and Shane!

Laura and Josh’s Engagement Session

We went out recently to take some engagement pictures of Laura and Josh, whose wedding is coming up in December.  They were easy, fun, and natural, and we had a great time shooting on South Congress and around Butler Park.  Such an awesome couple, can’t wait to photograph their wedding!  Congratulations, Laura and Josh!

Chicken Cock Whiskey

We took some shots in the studio and around town for Chicken Cock Whiskey, and didn’t even get drunk!

Chicken Cock Whiskey

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