Monica and Matt’s Beautiful DIY Wedding at Springdale Farm

Monica and Matt’s Beautiful DIY Wedding at Springdale Farm


Monica and Matt were married this past October at Springdale Farm in east Austin, Texas.  Although it was unseasonably warm, the farm was a beautiful backdrop to a gorgeous, simple, and heartfelt wedding between two best friends.  Very nearly everything at the wedding and reception was made by either Matt, Monica, or a friend, and the result was nothing short of stunning.  This was a perfect wedding for wedding photography.

Getting ready for the wedding

While Monica got ready with her mom and one of her bridesmaids in the on-site Airstream (which is fantastic, and decked out in yellows and teals inside), Matt and his groomsmen prepped outdoors.  

Matt and Monica opted for a first look, which is always one of my favorite things to photograph.  While Matt tried to breathe deeply to keep calm, Monica snuck up behind him and then BLAM!  So.  Much.  Emotion.  These guys are over the moon for each other, and it’s written all over their faces.

Monica helped Matt with his bowtie (listed on my schedule as “bowtie shenanigans”) and we moved all over the farm getting beautiful shots of these lovebirds.  Pay special attention to the Monica’s bouquet in the pictures; her brother MADE that.  Matt and Monica are so easy to get along with, and very comfortable being themselves in front of the camera.  That’s truly a boon to a wedding photographer.

Wedding ceremony

The ceremony, officiated by their friend John, was touching and beautiful.  Matt and Monica wrote their own vows, and no, I’m not crying, you’re crying.  

The wedding reception

On to the reception, with board games and lawn games.  Matt brewed the beer, Juicy German Session Wheat and Chocolate Maple Porter, both of which sound amazing.  My no-drinking-at-your-wedding rule means I didn’t get to try them, but their names are delicious enough.  Dinner was glorious, with a whole smoked hog accompanied by seasonal wonders from the farm.  The cake (salted caramel with speculoos!) was provided by a friend, and was absolutely phenomenal.  And the s’mores station had three different flavors of marshmallow that Monica made herself.  Guests got crazy in the photo booth until the magical evening came to an end.  They continued the party elsewhere, so Matt and Monica opted to not have a grand exit.

Spreading the love, with the best review ever

Matt and Monica were a dream couple to work with, and their wedding was filled with all the ingredients that make for unforgettable wedding photography.  Although, like a parent, I’m not allowed to have favorites, if I was, Monica and Matt would be right up there at the top.  And from the sound of this review, I think the feeling is mutual!

Justin is the best around, hands down.

When we started researching photographers, we were skeptical that he had nothing but five-star reviews. Who is this guy? Surely somebody has had a bad experience? No. People are giving him five stars only because they can’t give him six or 10 or a friggin’ galaxy.

We loved how communicative and thoughtful Justin is. When we’d ask a bunch of questions about timing or shot lists, he replied promptly with honest and helpful answers. When we met up with him before the event, he instantly felt like an old friend. His kind demeanor and joking personality made us feel super at ease on the big day (no mean feat!), and his second shooter and photobooth attendant were stellar as well.

We are in love with our wedding photos–a perfect balance of candids, portraits, details, and scenery, all with great lighting and an eye for composition–and we now just have to make difficult decisions about how many we want to print for ourselves and family. No one could’ve captured us or our day better.

P.S. Justin gets bonus points for being the only one of our vendors to consistently cc both of us on emails instead of just replying to one or the other. (You’ll be amazed at how rare that is!)

Props to the vendors

Dress by Lillian Mae Bridal, suit by Bykowski Tailor & Garb, rings by Wedgewood Rings, food by Eden East, venue Springdale Farm.


A beautiful and fun knee-length wedding dress hanging from a teal cabinet above a yellow couch. Monica, the bride, leans over to tie her green Chuck Taylors in her wedding dress. A black and white image of the bride's mother helping the bride with her necklace clasp. A groomsman helping the bearded groom put on his jacket and bowtie before his wedding at Springdale Farm The bride, Monica, peeks from behind the groom, Matt, moments before their first look at their Springdale Farm wedding The bride smiles ecstatically at the groom outside at Springdale Farm in Austin, Texas Matt, the groom, leans back laughing in a suit and green bowtie at Springdale Farm. The bride and groom kiss in front of a field of flowers before their Springdale Farm wedding. A black and white image of the bride kissing the bearded groom on the cheek, while he smiles. The bride, in a knee-length wedding dress, and the groom, in a suit and green bowtie, laugh amidst a flower garden at Springdale Farm before their wedding. The bride and groom kiss, while each popping a foot up to show off their green Chuck Ts in a flower garden at Springdale Farm. The bride and groom kiss behind the bride's homemade paper-craft bridal bouquet. The bride and groom walk hand-in-hand down a dirt road at Springdale Farm, directly before their wedding ceremony there. The bride and groom sit on a vintage yellow couch in the bridal Airstream at Springdale Farm before their wedding. The bride and groom's greyhound pants while wearing a custom tuxedo collar and cuffs. A wide shot of the wedding ceremony, under a giant live oak at Springdale Farm in east Austin, Texas. The groom poses with two groomsmen and his officiant at Springdale Farm after his wedding. The bride, Monica, stands in front of a flower garden at Springdale Farm in her wedding dress. A salted caramel wedding cake with a custom "yes and" cake topper at Matt and Monica's Springdale Farm wedding. A wide shot of Springdale Farm at dusk, with Matt and Monica's wedding reception in full swing. A macro image of the custom wedding rings.